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Lord Of Hosts

from by Wickeds End

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I Gazed Upon The Sky
To Find The Threads
Of Heaven Ripped By Time
And What Was Revealed
An Act Of God
His Face Concealed

In A Shroud Of War
His Name
Written In Secrecy
A Blood Lust
Within A Robe
Of Crimson
Drenched In The Blood
Of The Fallen

I Saw His Eyes Wrapped
In An Array Of Flame
A Call To Arms
Call Forth His Name
Faithful And True
The Declaration
Of Desecration
Is What He Brews

Time Watcher
Dominion Over All
Crowned Ten Fold
Awakener Of
Sleeping Souls
Their Tombs He Pursues
A Voice Of Thunder
The God Of Wonder
Lucifer's Throes
He'll Bring Asunder
Illuminate In Red
Blood Of The Moon
White Horse Of Thee
Striker Of Humanity

I Saw Heavenly Armies
Cloaked In White
Holy Judgment
Robes Of Divinity
Trampling The Constructs
Of Anti-Divinity

Battle To End Them All
To Bring About
The Grand Fall Of Evil
And Armageddons Tales
Are Fulfilled
Bursting Demonic Forms
Crumble Apart
Soldiers Of Light
Swords Slash Apart
Scorched Black Earth
Fallen Angel's
Wings Burnt Off
Trampled On Rising Hell

I Saw Demonic Bodies
Slashed Apart
Skin And Tendon
Singed To Scar
Seeping Through
Their Fangs Black Tar
Swarms Of Angels No More

I Gazed Upon The Sky
To Find Satan's Forces
In Decline
And Soon To Be
A Genocide Of Evil Lies
Doubts Proven Wrong
Angelic Songs
Sung To The Lord
As He Cuts Off
The Horns Of Lucifer
Victoriously Casted
To The Burning Lake
Eyes Finally Awake

King Of Kings And
Lord Of Lords
Save Us From This Day
His Wrath Has Come
Lord Of Hosts
Harvester Of Tombs
Gatherer Of Souls
Wrathful God Of Old
King Of Kings And
Lord Of Lords
Avenger Of The
Fallen Faithful Ones
Blood Splattered Flesh
A Feast For Crows

Lord Of Hosts
Demonic woes
Lord Of Hosts
Demonic woes
Lord Of Hosts
Lord Of Hosts

Satan Bound
Satan Dead
Horns Cut Off
Tossed In The Abyss

Lord Of Hosts
Lord Of Hosts
Crush Us Kill Us
Mountains Crush Us
Destroy Us


from Reformation, released January 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Wickeds End Lake Elsinore, California

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