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Theories Of Lies

from by Wickeds End

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Fear What You Can't Understand
Put Faith In A Structure
Set Upon Sand
No Hope No Peace
In The Eyes Of The Man
Whose God Is Science
Technology Satanic Advancement
Reduced To A Creature
Founded Through Chance
A Slave To Biological Circumstance
By Its Hand You Are Free
To Kill Your Sons And Daughters
A Perpetuator Of Sin
Of Greed And Filth
The Scientific Basis Is
Do What You Will
Fulfill Your Desires
Rip Out Your Heart
Set Your Soul On Fire
The Divine Departs
I Am He
The Swayer Of Minds
Scientia Idolum
An Image Of Time
Esoteric Truths
Razed To The Ground
Erect The New Baphomet
Falsum Idolum

Scientific War Cries
Reign Through The Skies
Disavow Jesus Christ And Accept My
Theory Of Lies
I Found The Heart Of Man
To Take On The Implementation
Of My Plan World Wide
Violation Of The Earth
Destruction Of Its Environment
And Of The Human Condition
I Ripped It Apart
Love, Health
Their Connection To Jesus Christ
Thrown In The Fire
A Self-Centered Breed
Concerned With Self And Technology
Birthed From The Blooming
Of An Enlightened Mind All Lies
But They Cannot See Through
The Rise Of Biology
Selectively Breeding Idiocy
A Love For Science
A Hate For The Soul
Birthed In A Lab
In The Mind Of A Man
But Humanity Fails To See
Who I Truly Am

Provider Of The Egotism
Of The Human Death Stride
Onward To The Gnashing Of Teeth
Destroying themselves eternally
Satanas Qui Seducit Hominis
The Ultimate God Of
Death And Destruction
And Through The Voice
Of Many I Rise
My Slaves
My Demons Spread My Cries
Evolutionary Theology
Subatomic Apostasy
Concerned More With Theories
Than Eternity
Faith In Nature
Devotion To Lies


from Reformation, released January 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Wickeds End Lake Elsinore, California

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